The idea of GoBuy was born in 2005 when founder, Ferdinand del Rosario, being a Business Development Consultant saw how new, old, small and big companies are faced with challenges to improve their sales year after year.

After years of painstaking research, attending different financial gurus and first hand experience he realized that there’s no guarantee in making money…

The #1 Reason Why People Don’t Buy From You

No MONEY – either they have it or don’t.

Most of the times, “no money” means “no money in their budget for this particular purchase”.

Simply put: what you are offering is the least of their priorities.

If you can’t help them discover a way to get some money, the sale is dead.

No sale means no income for you.

Help them find a creative solution to source out the money to GoBuy that product or service not once, not twice but all the time…


The Amazing Solution is also the Answer to:
Why Some People Are Successful
& Richer Than Most People

There are so many reasons why a few people become successful and rich but one particular thing that I’ve discovered is that they become successful because a lot of people supported their endeavors.

Look at the Super Mall in your city how many people go there every weekend? Triple the number that you have on a weekday

How about the famous food chains? So many people are supporting their establishments “buying their products and services”.

While on the other hand these people might not support their friends’ establishments the way they supported these companies.

The #1 reason is “No Money”.

Our Solution

To support a GoBuy Campaign launched or joined by your friends and colleagues with the sole purpose: To GoBuy a product or a service.

What if the same number of people supported your endeavor?

Can you imagine the income and the success you can achieve when you have so many buyers every month!

The ultimate solution is simply teach people how to increase their purchasing power so that they automatically GoBuy!!!

This is what we call CrowdBuyFunding™ or in simple Filipino term: “BUY-anihan”

Think about it.
Working together towards a common goal, and sharing the fruits of our labor…
That’s called Bayanihan, and it’s a noble Filipino tradition.
It’s also the philosophy behind GOBUY.

Everyone Helps, Buys and Wins.